Friend’s wedding at Schloss Mirabell

The Wedding Venue
Schloss Mirabell

In September 2022 my husband, professional photographer Steve Graffham photographed our friend’s wedding for dear friends of ours in Salzburg. 

After starting my wedding business in 2009 I have dealt with over 700 weddings. During that time we have had the honor of participating in family and friend’s weddings. Each of these weddings I have been a part of remind me that all weddings are special. These close personal connections remind me of how deeply special the day is.

The venue for our friends wedding was the very special Schloss Mirabell built in 1606 in the city of Salzburg and what is said to be the World’s most beautiful Wedding Hall.  This venue ticks all the boxes for a dreamy wedding location.  The historic Marble Hall accommodates up to 125 people,  it is a stunning room with so much history.  This was the former banquet hall of the prince – archbishops where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played with his father and sister.

The famous marble staircase is a fantastic backdrop for group pictures and romantic pictures of the newly weds. Lined by marble sculptures of chubby cherubs, it is said that a slap on the bottom of the Cherubs will bring good luck to the marriage.

The well maintained gardens of Mirabell Gardens with the various fountains and backdrops of the Salzburg castle (Hohensalzburg Fortress) are the perfect setting for wedding photographs.  

Indoor or outdoor venue?

Due to climate change and not being able to control the weather,  I personally think having an indoor ceremony, with options for indoor photography is always the best way to go, and eliminates worry leading up to the wedding.  Looking at the weather forecast every hour is not productive or helpful in any way. Having the beautiful gardens as a bonus location for photographs is great if the weather is good.

Something to bear in mind for your post-ceremony meal is that Salzburg has over 450 restaurants in this small city. There is something for everyone. Any budget and any taste.

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