Kavalierhaus Klessheim

Located in the outskirts of Salzburg, the Kavalierhaus Klessheim is a peaceful, historic palace ideally suited for a fairytale wedding.  The Kavalierhaus Klessheim is one of the oldest and most exclusive event venues in Salzburg.  Built in 1881, by the Viennese architect Heinrich Von Ferstel, the Kavalierhaus Klessheim is situated among the parks of Schloss Klessheim Palace.  The Kavalierhaus Klessheim offers breathtaking views, including tree-lined streets, and is surrounded by the impressive scenery of the Untersberg mountain.  

The Kavalierhaus Klessheim offers accommodations for both indoor and outdoor weddings.  The outdoor accommodations offer a small gazebo and luscious gardens. The five indoor halls can entertain up to 250 wedding guests.  The indoor halls vary from larger rooms with high ceilings, to smaller, more intimate rooms.  

Kavalierhaus Klessheim is located just a couple of Kilometers from the center of the old city of Salzburg, a short taxi ride or drive from anywhere in the City. As you can see from the map below, Salzburg is quite a compact city. If you and your guests fly into Salzburg airport and staying in the city or outskirts, it will never be more than a 20 minute drive under normal driving conditions. Once in the City of Salzburg you can do city walks and shopping or climb up some steps and you’re on one of the three mountains overlooking the city and essentially hiking within the city.

To find out more about the intriguing history of the Kavalierhaus Klessheim and the man behind the concept of building this pleasure palace Archduke Ludwig Viktor, click here and learn about the reasons behind its construction. The Kavalierhaus Klessheim has also been involved in recent history hosting members of the Third Reich during World War II and later members of the United States Military occupying force.

Prices start at €3325

Prices start at €4260

Prices start at €5810


Kavalierhaus Klessheim is located in Klessheim. 4km from Salzburg’s old city, it is a short taxi or car ride from the center and parking is available.