A dream wedding at Schloss Mirabell

We had the privilege of planning and coordinating the wedding of Sae and Iori’s stunning wedding at the Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg. The couple, who first reached out to us from Tokyo Japan in March planned their dream wedding through numerous Zoom calls. Despite a few minor hiccups along the way, their special day unfolded flawlessly, with even the weather playing its part and cooperating.

Love Story and Journey

Sae and Iori’s love story began back in 2015 when they met in college. After nearly nine years together, they legally married in Japan last December. For their wedding celebration, they chose the stunning Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg. They also turned their wedding trip into an exciting honeymoon exploring London, Vienna, Mondsee and Salzburg of course.

A small hiccup along the way

Just days before the wedding, every brides nightmare came true! Sae’s wedding dress which had been shipped from Japan, was delayed and scheduled to arrive a day after their wedding!! Leaving the gorgeous Sae without a dress for her special day and only a couple of days to find one. Fortunately, while the couple were in Vienna they found a dress shop and a dress that they were able to alter within 24 hours, ensuring Sae looked like the perfect bride on her big day.

The perfect Wedding Day

The wedding day itself was elegant and classy and ran very smoothly. The flowers, picked up from the florist https://www.blumen-neuhauser.com/were stunning, I arrived at the couples’s hotel https://www.monchstein.at/de/ early, assisted the bride with her dress and we were off to the Schloss Mirabell right on time.

Thanks to our exceptional vendors the day went perfectly for the couple, Julian the videographer; Katrin the photographer; and George the celebrant were all set and ready at the Schloss Mirabell as we arrived.

Ceremony and celebration

The ceremony was beautiful, set against the backdrop of Schloss Mirabell’s elegant architecture. Afterward, we captured photographs inside the Schloss and on its grand staircase. We then moved to the Mirabell Gardens for a romantic photo session before the couple embarked on a horse and carriage tour of Salzburg.

The tour had a brief stop at the scenic Salzach River, where we took photos with the historic city and castle in the background and then continued their horse and carriage ride in the old city before finishing at the famous Residence Platz. Sae and Iori ended their wedding celebration with a romantic lunch at the Europe’s oldest restaurant St Peters, dating back to 803.https://www.stpeter.at/ A perfect end to a perfect day.

Sae and Iori’s wedding at Schloss Mirabell was nothing short of magical. https://www.salzburgweddingcompany.com/mirabell-palace/ If you are dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding, Schloss Mirabell offers the perfect setting. Contact us https://www.salzburgweddingcompany.com/quote-request/ to start planning your unforgettable day in this enchanting location.

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