About us

My story began in 2002 when I started working for a British company in Orlando Florida that specialized in destination weddings in Florida.  My love for the job and industry became a passion of which has remained a big part of my life ever since.

Suzanne Graffham

“Helping couples navigate through their wedding planning and making it enjoyable for them is one of the most rewarding jobs there is.”

In 2009 my husband Steve Graffham obtained a small Chapel in Winter Park, Florida for his photography studio. After six months we decided to renovate the space to make it a charming intimate, wedding location.  

After 12 years and nearly 800 weddings, we decided as a family to have a change of culture, language and a new family adventure. We moved in July 2019 to Salzburg, Austria.

I realized after 6 months of helping remotely organize and plan weddings in Winter Park, Florida, that I really miss the social part of my job, and meeting couples and their families from around the world.  I started Salzburg Wedding Company in the middle of the worst pandemic in our life time.  (not the best time to start a new business due to the current travel restrictions). However, we are spoilt for choice for wedding venues here in Salzburg and this city is truly a gem in the middle of Europe. Why not bring more English speakers to this magnificent city for one of the most important and memorable days of their life.