Hellbrunn Palace

The Hellbrun Palace is a 400 year old palace built for Salzburg’s prince-archbishop Markus Sittikus, with extensive grounds situated in a huge park just a few kilometers to the south of the City of Salzburg. It is connected to the City of Salzburg by the famous tree-lined pedestrian path called the Hellbrunner Allee. Within the beautiful grounds are various locations used for wedding ceremonies. These locations include the following:

Sound of Music Pavillion

The famous pavilion from one of the most popular movies of the 20th century “The Sound of Music” is situated in the grounds of the Hellbrunn Palace. You can get married in the exact pavilion that was used for the scene of the song “I am sixteen going on seventeen”. This section of the grounds is also a wonderful backdrop for all your wedding photographs.

Chapel at the Hellbrunn Palace

The Palace Chapel

The Stunning Palace Chapel in the Hellbrunn Palace is perfect for your more traditional ceremony.   Set alongside the Palace which dates back to the 17th century, this beautiful chapel accommodates about 30 guests.

For all locations at the Hellbrunn Palace why not upgrade and welcome your guests with a sparkling-wine reception in the courtyard or use the world famous Trick fountains to have a dessert buffet or a cake cutting ceremony at the The Prince’s Table .

As you can see from the map above, Helbrunn Palace is just a short distance from the centre of Salzburg. There are even a couple of hotels very close by such as the Motel One Alpenstraße.

Prices start at €2825

Prices start at €3760

Prices start at €5140


Schloss Hellbrunn is located about 3 km from the old city. Its a quick drive or taxi ride and there is ample parking.