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A dream wedding at Schloss Mirabell

We had the privilege of planning and coordinating the wedding of Sae and Iori’s stunning wedding at the Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg. The couple, who first reached out to us from Tokyo Japan in March planned their dream wedding through numerous Zoom calls. Despite a few minor hiccups along the way, their special day unfolded flawlessly, with even the weather playing its part and cooperating.

Love Story and Journey

Sae and Iori’s love story began back in 2015 when they met in college. After nearly nine years together, they legally married in Japan last December. For their wedding celebration, they chose the stunning Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg. They also turned their wedding trip into an exciting honeymoon exploring London, Vienna, Mondsee and Salzburg of course.

A small hiccup along the way

Just days before the wedding, every brides nightmare came true! Sae’s wedding dress which had been shipped from Japan, was delayed and scheduled to arrive a day after their wedding!! Leaving the gorgeous Sae without a dress for her special day and only a couple of days to find one. Fortunately, while the couple were in Vienna they found a dress shop and a dress that they were able to alter within 24 hours, ensuring Sae looked like the perfect bride on her big day.

The perfect Wedding Day

The wedding day itself was elegant and classy and ran very smoothly. The flowers, picked up from the florist stunning, I arrived at the couples’s hotel early, assisted the bride with her dress and we were off to the Schloss Mirabell right on time.

Thanks to our exceptional vendors the day went perfectly for the couple, Julian the videographer; Katrin the photographer; and George the celebrant were all set and ready at the Schloss Mirabell as we arrived.

Ceremony and celebration

The ceremony was beautiful, set against the backdrop of Schloss Mirabell’s elegant architecture. Afterward, we captured photographs inside the Schloss and on its grand staircase. We then moved to the Mirabell Gardens for a romantic photo session before the couple embarked on a horse and carriage tour of Salzburg.

The tour had a brief stop at the scenic Salzach River, where we took photos with the historic city and castle in the background and then continued their horse and carriage ride in the old city before finishing at the famous Residence Platz. Sae and Iori ended their wedding celebration with a romantic lunch at the Europe’s oldest restaurant St Peters, dating back to 803. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Sae and Iori’s wedding at Schloss Mirabell was nothing short of magical. If you are dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding, Schloss Mirabell offers the perfect setting. Contact us to start planning your unforgettable day in this enchanting location.

Friend’s wedding at Schloss Mirabell

The Wedding Venue
Schloss Mirabell

In September 2022 my husband, professional photographer Steve Graffham photographed our friend’s wedding for dear friends of ours in Salzburg. 

After starting my wedding business in 2009 I have dealt with over 700 weddings. During that time we have had the honor of participating in family and friend’s weddings. Each of these weddings I have been a part of remind me that all weddings are special. These close personal connections remind me of how deeply special the day is.

The venue for our friends wedding was the very special Schloss Mirabell built in 1606 in the city of Salzburg and what is said to be the World’s most beautiful Wedding Hall.  This venue ticks all the boxes for a dreamy wedding location.  The historic Marble Hall accommodates up to 125 people,  it is a stunning room with so much history.  This was the former banquet hall of the prince – archbishops where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played with his father and sister.

The famous marble staircase is a fantastic backdrop for group pictures and romantic pictures of the newly weds. Lined by marble sculptures of chubby cherubs, it is said that a slap on the bottom of the Cherubs will bring good luck to the marriage.

The well maintained gardens of Mirabell Gardens with the various fountains and backdrops of the Salzburg castle (Hohensalzburg Fortress) are the perfect setting for wedding photographs.  

Indoor or outdoor venue?

Due to climate change and not being able to control the weather,  I personally think having an indoor ceremony, with options for indoor photography is always the best way to go, and eliminates worry leading up to the wedding.  Looking at the weather forecast every hour is not productive or helpful in any way. Having the beautiful gardens as a bonus location for photographs is great if the weather is good.

Something to bear in mind for your post-ceremony meal is that Salzburg has over 450 restaurants in this small city. There is something for everyone. Any budget and any taste.

For other wedding locations we offer please click on the wedding venues tab.

The Sound of Music

Have you ever wanted a modern fairy tale wedding with a famous love story backdrop?  Do you love the Sound of Music movie and all the imagery it brings to mind?  Salzburg is truly an idyllic and memorable place to get married.  Over 300,000 visitors flock to Salzburg every year just to see the romantic locations used in the Sound of Music movie.  Getting married in Salzburg, at one of these Sound of Music locations, is indisputably romantic and would be nothing short of magical.   

Some of the world-famous locations available through Salzburg Weddings: 

Mirabel Palace 

  • The Marble Hall in the Mirabel Palace, which has been noted as one of the most beautiful wedding banquet halls in the world.  The Mirabel Palace also serves as the location for the famous “Pegasus (Do-Re-Mi) Fountain” scene in the Sound of Music. 
  • The Rose Hill steps scene located at the Mirabel Palace also served as a backdrop in the movie and can be used for breathtaking wedding photographs.   
  • The Mirabel Palace also contain several gardens, including the Rose Garden and the Dwarf Garden.   

Hellbrunn Palace 

  • Hellbrunn Palace house the white gazebo which was the setting for “Sixteen going on Seventeen” scene in the Sound of Music.     

Apart from having a wonderful and memorable wedding experience, you and your guests can enjoy the many other Sound of Music related activities that are sure check of many bucket list items.   

  • The first activity we recommend is the Fraulein Maria Bicycle tour.  There are many bicycle guided tours available.  The routes usually go from Mirabell Square through the Mirabell Gardens, the Horse Pond, crossing the St. Peter’s Cemetery to Nonnberg Convent, on to Leopoldskron Palace, to the Frohnburg and through the beautiful Hellbrunn Avenue to Hellbrunn palace and back to the city.   It is a magnificent tour that will show you many of the Sound of Music filming locations.   
  • The second activity we recommend is the Sound of Music bus tour.  Just like the bicycle tour, there are many bus tours available in Salzburg.   Some of the typical locations you will see on the tour are the Mirabell Garden, the Pegasus Fountain, the Nonnberg Convent, Schloss Leopoldskron, the Hellbrunn Palace, the white Gazebo and the Church Mondsee (where Maria and the Baron get married).   

Salzburg is an amazingly compact city that remains in a perfect time capsule.  It has changed little over time and still has many of the old medieval architecture that makes it so alluring to this day.  It is no wonder the producers decided to use Salzburg as the backdrop for The Sound of Music.  Salzburg truly remains the perfect backdrop for any wedding that wants to be timeless and memorable.     

Introducing Salzburg Wedding Company

At Salzburg Wedding Company, we bring over 12 years of tried and tested wedding experience from Florida to Austria.  Since Florida is one of the largest destination wedding locations in the world, we have a full understanding of destination weddings.   Just like Florida, Salzburg is a highly sought-after destination wedding location for thousands of couples every year.  And it is easy to understand why.  Salzburg offers timeless European charm, exquisite fairytale locations and world-famous settings.  

We know weddings are special and we take pride in coordinating one of life’s most precious moments. You can be confident that we understand how flawless execution and attention to details matter.  Our satisfaction rate is without parallel and we pride ourselves on remarkable customer care.  On Wedding Wire, Winter Park Wedding Company, our sister company, has a 4.9 out of 5.0 satisfaction rating.  We have won the “Couples Choice” award for 5 years in a row.  As you can see from the reviews, we are known for providing outstanding personal communication.   

We share a mirrored passion for your upcoming celebration.  Let us do the work so you can enjoy the love, the laughter and the celebration! At Salzburg Wedding Company we use our ever so popular three-tiered wedding packages for each venue.  These packages keep things simple and stress free for couples.  With our extensive wedding experience, we would be honored to provide you with guidance throughout the process from initial contact right up to the wedding and beyond!